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Provident Legacy Core Values

Integrity of Character: Before our gifts, we first uphold our character. Our character is the most important part of doing business. We believe that our gifts and abilities can only take us as far as our character can sustain us.

Leadership and Accountability: We lead by example and hold ourselves accountable. WE believe that accountability is one of the greatest nutrients for healthy growth in leadership. We strive to lead our associates and clients with an excellent blend of professional will and personal humility.

Diversity and Inclusion: We value our differences and make certain each associate has a seat at the table, ensuring diversity and inclusion in the opportunities we seize.

Empowerment and Performance: We believe in the tremendous power that is within our associates. We diligently strive to see our associates pull from within to deliver breakthrough results for our clients.

World-Class Delivery: Service is at the heart of everything we do. We aspire to serve our clients with the highest level of care possible, and when we get there, we’ll push the bar higher.


Join the most admired real estate company that focuses on your success! We thrive on creating an environment where everyone can grow and exceed their own potential. That is why we minimize fees such as:

  •  $0 E&O Fees (Errors and Emission)
  •  $0 Desk Fees
  •  $0 License Deactivation Fees
  •  $0 Printing Fees
  •  $0 Monthly Fees

Stop competing with your office broker and be part of a brokerage that allows you to flourish whether you are a new or experienced agent. Become part of an environment that promotes your success. Don’t do real estate alone, be a part of a group that cares about your growth and wants you to succeed. 

Our World Class Agents are our greatest asset! Which is why we implement a structure that gives you the opportunity to receive 100% of your commission by capping at only $20,000!